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Thoughts by crazyjunglegal
I don't know why but I just keep thinking of Kingdom Hearts 3D since its freaking hard ;^;
So this is a one-shot on the series Trollz field trip episode with Ruby and Rock after the dinosaur accident.

"I can't believe you and Jasper did the most stupidest thing I ever seen! Being dared to go into a dinosaurs mouth are you nuts Rock!?" Ruby said in a angry mood first trash thrown to her, next an echo spell and now a dino-dinner.

Rock looked a bit upset his girlfriend was right for once all he wanted was to talk to her again. When he stretched he had a major pain in front and back of him saying ouch.

"Great now you're injured from that animatronic..." she touched his back as Rock groan from being touched even though  Ruby felt something a bit soaked showing blood from Rock's back. "Rock your bleeding from your back!"

"Okay okay maybe I have done the most stupidest thing Ruby-Roo..." Rock took of his jacket and sweatshirt showing deep bite marks causing him to bleed.

Ruby told Amethyst to give her the Aid kit, as she opened the kit she grabbed some alcohol and bandages to wrap around Rock. "This is pretty much going to hurt Rock." Ruby put the cotton ball on the alcohol getting ready to wipe the blood off.

"It's fine Ruby I just need t- YEOUCH!!!"he started to groan from the alcohol burning the bite marks trying to not yell more from the pain. "Damn and I can't hold in the pain for once you could've told me to be ready Rube." Ruby continued to finish cleaning up the blood and wrapped the bandages around Rock staying quiet since she didn't want to start another fight.

-Later on after the field trip-

The rest of the BFFL told Ruby goodbye since they had to rush home and so did the guys except Rock.
Ruby grabbed her helmet putting it on ad Rock approached to her.
"Um...Ruby-Roo.." Rock said blushing for a while.
"Yeah Rock?" Ruby looked at him in a confused way.

Rock looked at her smiling. "Follow me I uhm...wanted to show you something." He grabbed his helmet putting it on and drove away a bit slow waiting for Ruby.
"A...Alright." She started her engine and followed him going somewhere that looked a bit familiar on the path. They arrived 10 minutes later taking off the helmets walking side by side.

"So where are you taking me Rock?" She looked a bit more confused on where there walking."Re...remember last year when we were on our first date and I hehe...messed up on it."  When he chuckled a bit embarrassed on that incident.

"You mean the lake pound?" Ruby said blushing how they were on their date Rock slipped on a twig and fell in the pound and a trollfrog was on his head."Yeah well I...I wanted to spend that moment with you since we dated for a year now." He moved his hand in the hanging tree branches covering the hideout.

Ruby was amazed on what she looked at the pound looked more beautiful at night, the pound sparkling under the moonlight while lightbugs were floating shining their different color light. She couldn't believe it a year she dated Rock the same place on their first date she was so happy on what her boyfriend surprised her.

"Rock this is so beautiful..."she said smiling happily.
"Happy one year Ruby-Roo." Holding her waist as they kissed in their hideout
Trollz Field Trip aftermatch
So I had this crazy romantic fanfiction with Ruby and Rock so this is a one-shot enjoy. C:
Trollz Boys 2015 by crazyjunglegal
Trollz Boys 2015
Okay so I was supposed to upload this last week because this took me 2 days imagining if there was a remake of the series and I thought how about the different outline of their hair and different clothes it took me a long time to finish but the most difficult one I had was Alabaster xD
I mean look at him I've tried looking up at other clothing he would wear but it just didn't look so great with it so wth I did just a regular nerdy look of him again xD
Character by crazyjunglegal
So I made anew character and well decided to show the colors in case you guys want to draw my character I don't really mind no asking or anything :)
Hi everyone I'm taking requests of Maplestory Icons, Drawings or Total Drama Island Characters and Couples that you guys want me to draw even though I dont have a tablet requests will take time for me due to "Hell Week" coming up (color guard week ;v; ) but the drawings will be uploaded and stuff by the way if it's drawings you guys wanting to be perfect I will not request I'm sorry but if I get rude comments saying the drawing is not "perfect" I will not do no more requests ;v;.


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